Saturday, October 17, 2009

New look for the winter.

This year, I've decided to take extra special care of my natural hair. I've been natural for over 10 years, but I haven't been as gentle with my hair as I should have been, so I have yet to see 10 years worth of growth. So, I've been searching the internet for inspiration and tips on maintaining super healthy hair because I really want it to grow to the length that it was when I was younger, before the relaxer days (think Rudy on the Cosby Show). I've found a few sites that I can't seem to stay away from like; and Right now I'm wearing a protective style, which I'll be rocking through the winter (if hand in hair disease doesn't get to me first). So, this is my starting point:

right before I put it into my newly discovered protective style:

I love this because I can remove the ponytail and pamper my ends every day or every other day. I also "baggy" at night after spritzing with water/lavender essential oil mix and adding coconut oil mixed with lavender essential oil - smells soo yummy! I'm really hoping that this technique will allow me to retain any growth that will occur so I can have that big hair that I want so badly. Wish me luck!

PS. I must mention that this is a "phony pony". My girl S.B. helped me to attach it and my real hair is in a bun underneath.


Kendra said...

Finally! A blog with useful info. Thanks keisha! Love ur blog. Chile you know I'm always struggling with my hair demons. Lately I've been rockin a weave, and it isn't cute. I'm gonna try that phoney poney thingy.where did you get it?

Verde Butterfly said...

Kendra, thanks girl! The hair is by Sensationnel, and it's Soft N'Silky Synthetic Afro Twist Braid Hair. 100% Toyokalon fibers. I think I got color 1B.