Sunday, December 27, 2009

Advertising at its worst.

We don't allow our three year old daughter to watch much television...she's way too smart for it anyway. However, during football season, we like to watch a good game, either at home or a relatives house. What's upsetting to me, and apparently other parents, is that we can't just watch a football game, we have to see the latest gory, violent or overly sexual movie clip, or commercials for a T.V. show with the same content. It gets annoying having to change the channel every time a commercial break occurs, but we do it for the sake of our sanity and so our daughter doesn't get these images in her head. I now know that we aren't the only ones that have a problem with this. A NY Times blog article discusses the same issue, with a slew of angry parents voicing their concern.  One suggestion that I read was great: networks should be required to avoid all commercials that have a rating greater than the show currently being broadcast. I think I'll write/call/email the FCC and give them this idea (not that it would change anything - but maybe it might).

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