Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So In Style Barbie - Grace's Makeover

My daughter received a S.I.S Barbie for Christmas and her name is Grace. If you haven't heard, there has been some controversy about how none of the Barbies in this line have natural hair, yadda yadda yadda. Well, I personally think that Grace is beautiful!!! I love her features (outside of her skinniness, but in reality there really are women that are thin and it's all good. I would love to see an affordable fashion doll with a more curvaceous figure. I think I've figured out an alternative though, I'll talk about it in a later post).

So, back to the matter at hand.  Grace did not come to us with natural hair.  Despite her apparent addiction to the CFC (chemical fire cream), I really like her and my DD loves her.   I have read a lot of comments about the S.I.S. line not representing the true beauty of black women because of her hair.  Well, here's my opinion: she's a doll. I would have loved to see a natural in this collection, but I don't rely on Mattel to portray my desired image to my daughter - I do that myself.  She loves her mommy's natural hair - she tells me all the time: "Ooh, mommy, I love your hair" or "You are so creative to do that to your hair!" Her words, not mine.  Before I get on my soapbox, let me get to the point.  Grace's hair was designed to be stylable (if that's a word). She came with a curling iron, a spray bottle and a bunch of hair accessories, which I decided was a bit much at this point (DD is 3), so I put them a secret place for later.  But, I did want to see what her hair could do.   I decided, with DDs permission of course, to give her a different look.  I wet her hair and rolled it with pipe cleaners that I cut to about 2 inches wide. Basically, using the same technique as a flexi-rod set, I rolled and bent the pipe cleaners to secure them.  Then I poured boiling water over her hair, then poured ice cold water over her hair to set it and let her stand overnight in a mason jar - talk about a long day in the salon!!  The next day, I carefully took out the flexi rods, fluffed and voila! a curly-haired Grace.  Check her out:

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