Friday, February 10, 2012

Henna Revisited!

I have been seriously contemplating doing a Henna treatment on my hair for quite some time, so I ordered some Organic Rajasthani Henna Powder from HennaSooq and this weekend I'm henna'ing my hair!! I'm so excited. My hair has been really suffering lately and I think it has a lot to do with the dry air in my house, the cold weather and that dang Royal Crown bandwagon I decided to jump on. Well, I'm officially off that and will be sticking to the natural stuff from here on out. 

I should have know better. Everything ain't for everybody :(

I'm really hoping this Henna treatment will bring my hair back to life. I miss the softness of it. Lately it's been feeling like a brillo pad.  Darn you Royal Crown! Check back to see my technique and results!


Shelly G said...

What problems did you find with the Royal Crown?

Verde Butterfly said...

Hey Shelly! The Royal Crown was good for a gave me tons of shine, weighed my hair down so the length showed more, and SEEMED to be a good sealant. BUT over time, all it was really doing was blocking out moisture. So my hair became more brittle because of moisture not getting to it. even if I sprayed water on it everyday, none of it was getting through the layer of petroleum. I had read a couple of posts that this would happen with a petroleum based product but I guess I had to see for myself. So, there you have it. Are you still using it?

Shelly G said...

Thanks for your response! Yes, I'm still using it. In fact I cowashed my hair this morning and applied it. I only use it on my wet hair to seal in moisture and that works for me. Keeps my hair moist for days.

Considering what you said though I can see how that would happen so I'll keep that in mind if I'm doing short-term styles that I won't be washing inbetween application of products.