Friday, December 9, 2011

Retro 40s Style

I achieved this style by doing a Bantu-knot out on damp hair. I washed my hair Friday night (today is Wednesday) and wore this style Saturday and Sunday, with many compliments. Monday and Tuesday I wore a low bun and re-twisted Tuesday night. So, here's how I did it. I spritzed larger sections of hair (about three finger widths)  with my concoction of water, conditioner (Tresemme Naturals) and olive oil. Then I took a dab of Royal Crown (my new friend with whom I have a love/hate relationship) and rubbed it into the section. Next, I twisted the section and made a Bantu-knot and repeated this all over my head, put on my bonnet and went to sleep. In the morning I released the knots, untwisted and stretched, smoothed and fussed until it was the way that I wanted.  I used only my hands to preserve the uniformity of the waves/curls. I then pinned the longer sections under because I wanted it to look like a shorter cut, and voila!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Royal Crown Bantu Knot-Out

Okay, okay, I know. Royal Crown is probably the last product anyone would think I'd put on my hair. You know, me claiming my greenness and all. Well, I bought some Royal Crown the other day because I wanted to switch it up a bit.  I put aside my green conscience and went to Walgreens and plopped down 2.59 on a jar of the stuff. It has three ingredients: petrolatum, olive oil and fragrance, which give it a score of 3 on the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetics Database (the worst products get a score of 10).  Well, hazards aside, this is a great styling product.  I will probably keep it through the winter because it keeps my hair super soft and holds in moisture.  It doesn't leave it feeling greasy and the smell is nice.  So, don't judge me! This isn't the greatest picture, but I think you can see how shiny it is.  I likes. Stay tuned for a vintage type look achieved with a bantu knot out and hair pins.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cloth Diapering!!

I'm finally going to take the plunge and get rid of these disposables. Although I use Seventh Generation diapers on Ava, which is chlorine-free, they are not biodegradable. So, as much as I preach about being "green", I have to admit that I am a disposable diaper user. I have been meaning to make the switch, but I just haven't. Well, Sunday, I attended a cloth diapering workshop held by Lee-Ann Pinkard, owner of EcoBabies. Let me tell you, it was fantastic! She broke it down and I was thoroughly sold. I was probably sitting there with my mouth wide open in awe of how simple cloth diapering is.  I am placing my order on her website THIS WEEK.

I'm going to start with prefolds (basic cloth diapers) and covers and try various options from there. I'm so excited and so is Ava! Well maybe not, but in my mind she will love it. So, here we go. Check back to see how it is going!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shea Moisture Curl Control Coconut and Hibiscus Shampoo!!!

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Control Shampoo - 12 oz.

First, let me just say, I love this shampoo!! Now, I haven't been shampooing as much lately since I've been trying to stick to a co-washing regimen.  Co-washing has been really great for my hair, but sometimes I just feel like my scalp needs a good scrubbing.  Here is where Shea Moisture Curl Control Shampoo comes in.  I have loved every Shea Moisture product that I've tried thus far, and this shampoo is no exception. It's creamy and smells great, and more importantly, it doesn't strip my hair. Plus, I can buy it at the Target that's less than 5 minutes from my house!

Here is how I use it: Dilute in a squirt bottle with water and baking soda (I don't measure, but just enough that it remains sudsy when I apply it). I then apply it to dry hair before getting in the shower to wash. This has cut down substantially on my shower time and on how much water I use. Gotta be seen green!!

Rinse, apply conditioner, detangle under running water (I know, not so green), then apply leave-in (I use Giovanni Direct Leave-In - great stuff).  Happy Hair, Happy Me!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another reason to embrace your curls, kinks and coils!!

Brazilian Keratin Treatments have been in the news a lot lately, but not for their seemingly miraculous ability to straighten hair. They have garnered a lot of attention for the serious harm they can cause to users, including an increased risk of cancer. The Environmental Working Group (of which I'm a HUGE fan) has conducted their own investigation of this chemical straightening treatment and found numerous reports of blisters, hair loss, burning eyes, noses and throats, headaches and vomiting in those who had been given or applied the treatment.

Some manufacturers of keratin-based treatments tout products that claim to be formaldehyde free, explaining that they use methylene glycol as an alternative. As EWG and the American Chemistry Council, have pointed out, methylene glycol is simply formaldehyde mixed with water. So, don't be duped folks...this stuff is not good for your health, the health of your hair, or the environment.  Embrace those curls girls!

For more information, check out this news release from the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Now that you know more about it, would you still get a Brazilian Keratin Treatment??

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I need more TIME!!

Ever heard the phrase, "there aren't enough hours in a day"? Well, I'm living proof that this is true.  I make all these plans in my mind for what I will do in a day, and before I know it, the day is over. Granted, I've been told to cut myself some slack because I have a newborn (Ava is almost 3 months!!), but she's so pleasant and laid back that I feel that I could get more accomplished during the day. I just can't pull myself away from her though, she's such a joy! I have clothes to fold, dinner to cook, summer classes to prepare for (I'll be finished with my Master's this year, yay!), and other random grown-up stuff that needs to be done. I also need to give some attention to my third child (my hair). So, I started putting in micro twists at about 11:00 this morning, it is now 9:20 and I have a quarter of my head done. This will be a 2 day process, maybe even three, but I'm planning to keep them in at least until Easter. We'll see how that goes because my hair gets unbearably frizzy normally within a week, but I've never done micro twists. I'm really trying to get my childhood hair back, which was super long and extra thick. I've got the thickness, but the length has been eluding me. I'm determined to leave my hair alone so it can retain more length, but I love it so much! Anyhoo, let me go so I can get these twists done while Ava's asleep.

Monday, February 14, 2011

And the Grammy Goes to....Esperanza Spalding!

Esperanza Spalding

Last year, I wrote a post about this very talented and beautiful artist. At that time, she had recently performed at Barack Obama's Nobel Prize acceptance ceremony.  Now, a year later, she is getting the recognition she deserves. True musicians aren't recognized enough these days, so its refreshing to see such a high honor bestowed upon her.  Did I mention that she's natural?? You know I had to give a shout out to a fellow naturalista! Check out her interview with CurlyNikki here. Congratulations Esperanza!!