Saturday, August 30, 2008

Living My Life Like It's Green

Hey Guys!!
I may be kind of late to the game, but I'm trying really hard to green my life. I have a great appreciation for God's creation and I feel it's my responsibility as a human to protect and preserve it, at least do my personal best to. Mostly, it hasn't been unreasonably difficult or inconvenient, but that's probably because I'm not yet at the level I should be. So, some things that I have done are: always carrying canvas bags to the grocery store, changing out my lightbulbs to compact fluorescents, turning off lights, unplugging tvs and stereo to avoid "phantom charges" and making sure not to leave cell phones charging overnight. I've never been one to buy paper plates (although it is easier), but I recently saw some disposable plates that are biodegradable. I don't really know yet how I feel about those, because they still create more waste. Plus I have so many dishes from my wedding, I would feel bad if I didn't use them.
I joined this yahoogroup called "electric cars for sale", and it has been really enlightening. How cool would it be to build my own electric car!! I think I'll go for a hybrid, though (when hubby and I get the money). Our goal is that our next house will be green too. I'm really excited about that one, but that will be for a later blog because I have tons of information to share!

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