Friday, October 16, 2009

Sulfur in Drywall?? Are you serious??

My husband (conscious brotha that he is), just informed me of the fact that people have been getting sick from the presence of sulfur in drywall imported from China. Apparently, at the height of the real estate market and after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, there was a shortage of drywall so builders decided to import it from China because it was abundant and cheap. This drywall emits sulfur and the gas has corroded pipes and copper wires, turned sterling silver jewelry black and destroyed air conditioners and television sets. Check out this article at USAToday for more information about the problem. What's worse is that insurance companies are not only denying the claims filed by homeowners, but dropping them altogether after they disclose the presence of chinese drywall. Apparently, this situation qualifies as a "pre-existing" condition and isn't covered by the policies! So, then these homeowners have no way of fixing the problem, their insurance gets cancelled, and since insurance is a requirement for a mortgage, they are at risk of foreclosure! This is madness. Here are all the gory details.

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Verlyn Tarlton said...

Thanks Verde for keeping us informed of these issues. I am a Mocha Mom and appreciate a forum like this one.

Keep up the great work.