Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reduced, Reused, Recycled into....a Dollhouse!

Some months back, I made some bendy dolls for my daughter out of chenille sticks (above) and wooden beads,  but they didn't have a place to live. So, for Christmas, dh and I bought her a really cute modular dollhouse.  She loved it! Well, she also started playing with and receiving Barbies, which made me remember how much I loved them when I was a kid (way before I got all irked about their unrealistic size).  All that aside, Barbies can be cool, in my opinion.  So, before I knew it, she had 5 dolls - 3 that were gifts (including Grace), and 2 that I got from the thrift store and gave makeovers to.  I then decided that I wanted a few "collectables" for myself, so I have 2, for a total of 7 dolls who needed a home.  Since we had just bought the modular dollhouse and weren't planning on spending anymore money, I decided to use some empty boxes to make a dollhouse. Well, I must say, IT IS SO COOL!  Check out the pictures:

Just about everything in this dollhouse is made from things I found around my house outside of the kitchen "wallpaper", which is scrapbooking paper bought at .59 a sheet and the rocking chairs, which I found for .25 a piece (there is one in the picture - the other is being painted), and the mirrors which my girl SB (who helped me with my hair) bought from the dollar store.

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