Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I wanna build green - who's with me?

I have been doing research on building an eco-friendly home for a couple of years now. My husband and I are so ready to do something like this, except we are missing two things - money and land!!! We have picked out building materials, finishes, flooring, bathroom fixtures, countertops, deck material.... You name it, we have probably already picked it out!! I found this website called (Ed Begley Jr. is the spokesperson) and it sounds really great. They will help you build a green home for the same or lower cost as a traditional home. I don't know the structural system that they have used, but it seems really great too. I was looking into ICF, which seems awesome, but I keep getting differences of opinions about the cost versus traditional stick building. I would think that mygreencottage it would be more popular, especially since you can help the environment and possibly save some money on building costs (not to mention the savings on utility bills). But I haven't found a ton of information about them outside of their website and a few others. I'm all for it - I think I'm gonna contact them and get some more information.

I was amazed at how much waste is created by traditional stick building. Then, not to mention the finishes that have VOCs and are created with toxic materials. For instance, I had no idea that many kitchen cabinets have high levels of formaldehyde!! Who would think kitchen cabinets would be toxic, seriously!! I have found some alternatives, like Breathe Easy Cabinetry on the following websites: and These websites are great resources if you're interested in the green building movement. The second website is by the US Green Building Council - really great website, lots of information.

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